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Is the Tucan Sailing Adventure right for me and my group?

We have a lot of fun on the Tucan, but it is not for everyone. Most people have a great time, but you should consider these points; We sail out on the open ocean, so it can get rough at times. If you are prone to motion sickness, this trip might not be for you. The conditions are weather based and some days are rougher than other.

If you are the "Club Med" type, this trip might not be for you. We run a clean. organized ship but it is not perfect or new. Some people don't like the optional natural beach stop, because there are no facilities, beach umbrellas and lounge chairs or waiters. You might even have to open your own beer at times if we are busy.

We normally do some snorkelling on our tour, but we do not consider it a snorkel tour. Snorkeling is conditional, and depends on the weather conditions and the guests and the time. There are days that we do not snorkel at all.

If you are not physically fit, you may not be able to enjoy all the activities. If you can climb a step ladder with no problems, you will probably be fine.

Do I need/how do I make a reservation?

We make advanced reservations to schedule trips that are the most convenient for our guests and make for the best trips. We like to get family groups together, cruise ship groups and adult trips as well.

If you do not have a reservation, you can still get on board if there is space available, so don't be afraid to call our office at the last minute at:

987-869-2312 or from the U.S. at 864-724-5464.

Sometimes during high season the trips fill up fast, so call early if you can to secure your spot.

Feel free to make an Online reservation

Should I reserve a public or private tour?

Most people like to meet new friends, and that saves money as well, but if you have a group that might not feel comfortable with others, private tours are optional.

If you have children 5 and under, and we cannot pair you up with others that are with kids, it is required.

If you have 14 or more on the Tucan Sailing Adventure, it will automatically be private.

If you have 20 or more on a Sunset Sail, it will automatically be private.

Sometimes if we don't get enough people to confirm a public trip, a private tour is the only way to secure a reservation.

What about bad weather/cancellations?

We make every attempt to re-schedule your trip, but cruise ship guests are out of luck.

If your trip is cancelled due to weather, we will refund your deposit the same way it was paid.

We do not normally cancel due to rain, unless if will be an all day rain. It is normal in the tropics to get showers some days.

How will I know if the weather is bad?

Most people can tell if there is a norte (cold front), or if the conditions are bad, but that is why we need your contact info, so we can keep you posted. Checking your e-mail and phone numbers is a great idea, in the event of questionable weather. Make sure we have your hotel and room number so we can contact you.

What if I am arriving by cruise ship?

The first thing you should do is ask someone what the local time is and check it with your reservation departure time. Most people speak some English here, or you can just tap your wrist and they will show you their watch.

Don't show up two hours early unless you have a private tour. We won't be able to go out earlier than the reserved time, and there is not a lot to do in the marina.

If your ship arrives late, try to contact us by local phone at 987-869-2312 to see if we are waiting for you,

If the weather is questionable, call us before you waste a taxi ride to our office. We cannot contact you on your ship other than through e-mail.

What if I am staying on the island?

We need everyone staying on the island to contact us after you arrive in Mexico, and let us know how to contact you for cancellations. Hotel room numbers of private villas phone numbers are important.

If you rent a car, feel free to visit our office ahead of time to get familiar with the location, drive time, parking etc.

What about transportation? Why can't you pick us up?

Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to our office. Taxi's are reasonable and available everywhere.

It is illegal to transport tourist by any other means than taxi in Mexico.

Please consider the time the taxi ride will take when you plan your arrival before your trip.

How much will a taxi cost?

Fairs will vary depending on your hotel location, which cruise ship pier you arrive at, how many people you have and sometimes the driver. There is a strict set of rules but we recommend that you ask your driver before you get in, and make sure you write the taxi number down, so if you forget something or if he over charges you we can do something about it.

The taxi system is Cozumel is a good system, fair and safe. There are many taxi's available but that does not mean that they will all charge the correct amount. We can give you a rough idea of the rate either in advance or after you arrive.

What should I bring?

You should bring a towel, sunscreen, Snorkel equipment if you want to use yours, or we have good quality and quantity on board. A camera, preferably waterproof, but we do have dry lockers. Some people like to wear beach shoes but most go barefoot. Motion sickness pills of you are prone to seasickness.

You should eat a good breakfast, not a lot of citric juice. A lot of folks think that food will make them seasick, it is just the opposite.

Drink lots of fluids the days before and keep yourself hydrated, that is the best way not to get seasick.

We have an MP3 player on board with good music, but we can plug yours in as well, if it is not offensive.

What happens on the tour?

Private tours can do about anything, but the normal routine for our public tour is set by the weather and varies each trip, but normally, we depart the marina, sail north while trolling for fish, serve snacks on the way, then we take in a snorkel on the north coral heads, we move closer to the beach and shuttle over for some beach time.

Then it's time for our lunch, and hopefully spinnaker rides and a sail back to the marina where we will have taxi's waiting to take you back.

Many people just stay on the boat all day and enjoy the music, drinks and good time.

Should I tip the crew?

We do not ask for a tip, we feel our service will speak for itself and any tip will be greatly appreciated.

We do place a tip cup out at the end of the trip so you have a place to put it.

All tips are pooled and divided among the crew.

How much should I tip?

This is totally up to you and how much you enjoyed the trip and the crew. Everyone has a different policy on tipping and anything will be graciously accepted.

FYI, some people think because the area is poorer, that the cost of living is less. This is not the case as almost everything is more expensive here, and the income level is much less on average, so tip as if you were on a tour in the States.

How will I get back after the tour?

We will have taxis available, and probably waiting if you are on a cruise ship with a tight schedule.

We will ask if you require a taxi near the end of the trip, so we can arrange them.

Should I leave feedback or a review?

We live off of our reputation, and the more people that know about us, the better. Word of mouth goes along way so please tell others, and don't be afraid to be honest if there are things you didn’t like, we just want people to be properly informed and know what we do. We know it is not for everyone.

We have had a lot of people find us on trip advisor, so that would be a great spot to leave a review for Cozumel Sailing under things to do, tours.

If there is something you think we could improve on, please let us know and we will try.

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